Tipp Co-op commits to ending ‘nuisance odours’ by Friday


Tipperary Co-op has told the Environmental Protection Agency that it is due to stop operating a piece of equipment that has been causing a bad odour in that area of Tipperary town.

In a report on its website, the Environmental Protection Agency confirmed that it received 42 odour complaints between January 22, 2020 and March 4, 2020, and that it conducted five odour assessments around the town since January 27th.

Following site visits to the Tipperary Co-op plant, it found that the bio tower element of the existing waste water treatment plant ‘remains the main cause of odours from the site’.

The EPA also noted that ‘inadequate measures were taken to stop the generation of odorous emissions’.

It further noted that the Co-op has been building a new waste water treatment plant to replace the existing plant and that work is due to be completed by the end of March.

The Co-op has verbally advised the EPA that it will cease operating the bio tower from Friday, March 13th, and that from that date ‘it will no longer be a source of nuisance odours in the town’.

The EPA will continue to ensure that the corrective measures required are implemented.