Visitor restrictions at University Hospital Limerick


Visitor restrictions have been put in place at University Hospital Limerick due to a number of patients suffering from a stomach bug.

In total there are 14 patients showing symptoms in two wards at UHL.
As a result, visiting restrictions are in place on a number of wards.

There is a complete ban on visitors at Ward 3A.

Restrictions on visiting are in effect on Ward 3C and everywhere else in the hospital.
Until further notice, only one visitor per patient is allowed during visiting hours, and members of the public are being reminded not to bring children on visits anywhere in the hospital.

Parents of children in Paediatrics and relatives of those in Critical Care are the only exceptions to this restriction.
Management is also appealing to people who may be unwell with gastrointestinal symptoms not to visit the hospital, and for patients presenting with such symptoms to immediately inform staff, so that the necessary precautions to be taken.