Templemore Report Published

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The Public Accounts Committee is to call on the Garda Commissioner to appear before it to address issues concerning financial controls at the Garda Training College in Templemore.

In a report by the Garda’s Internal Audit Section, the financial transactions of the Templemore facility over a number of years were examined.  The report stated that it could provide no assurance that the internal management and control systems in place to manage the finances at the college are adequate.

Neither could it provide an assurance that the financial controls at the college are compliant with the Garda Finance Code.

The report found that funds were being spent on gifts and entertainment and that many bank accounts formed what it termed as ‘a non-transparent system of accounting’.

The chairman of the PAC, Sean Fleming has described the findings of the report as representing a breakdown of all financial controls at the Templemore Garda Training College.  He added that he will call on Commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan to appear before the committee to explain what went on at the Templemore centre.

The Vice-Chair of the committee, Tipperary’s Alan Kelly said that the findings undermine the reputation of the college, adding that the committee will also want to speak with the Secretary-General of the Department of Justice.