Management at Dundrum House express gratitude to Co Tipperary Fire Services

Management at Dundrum House Hotel has expressed its gratitude to the County Tipperary Fire Service in dealing with the recent fire at part of the hotel.
Last Wednesday morning, a fire is understood to have started in the kitchen and spread to the neighbouring ballroom and conservatory, causing significant damage to the premises.

In a statement to Tipperary Mid West Radio, the resort’s General Manager Noel Mulhair said that when the incident occurred, the hotel emergency plan was immediately put into action and all guests and staff were moved to a safe area of the estate.
He added that thankfully, the fire was contained to a small section of the building.  Mr Mulhair says that all at the hotel are now working hard to try to get the hotel back into full operation.
He has expressed sincere gratitude to the County Tipperary Fire Service for their swift response and for quickly containing the fire.