Tipp says yes to abolish the Seanad


Voters in Tipperary North and South have voted yes by a narrow margin to abolish the Seanad in the in the Thirty-second Amendment of the Constitution (Abolition of Seanad Éireann) Bill 2013 referendum held on October 4th.

Voter turnout in Tipperary was approximately 41% of those eligible to vote with slightly higher numbers turning out in the north of the county.  

Here are the results of the referendum vote in both North and South Tipperary.  This is the first of two referenda results. For full national and constituency vote results please visit referendum.ie

  Yes No Electorate Turnout Valid Poll
South Tipperary 50.41% 49.59% 56,060 23,386 (41.72%) 23,075
North Tipperary 50.38% 49.62% 62,233 26,620 (42.77%) 26,203