Blood Donors Urged To Attend Thurles Clinics This Week


Blood Donors are being urgently sought for 4 clinics in Thurles this week.

The demand for blood from Hospitals at present is 6% higher than in previous years while bad weather and some donors avoiding public events due to the risk of seasonal flu is putting pressure on supplies.

The Irish Blood Transfusion says there is always a need for new donors to take part in supporting the service as less than 3% of the population are regular donors.

The clinics in Thurles are to be held at the Dome in Semple Stadium on the Nenagh Road.Clinics are planned for today Monday 12th, Tuesday 11th, Wednesday 14th, Thursday 15th February 2024 – each day the clinics will operate between 4.50pm – 8.10pm

Anyone wishing to make an appointment to donate blood is asked to telephone 1800 222 111 for appointment.

New Donors are especially welcome – information about donating blood is available on the website