Irish Farmers Association To Hold A Series Of Demonstrations Today In Support Of European Farmers


Tipperary members of the Irish Farmers Association are to hold a series of demonstrations today, in solidarity with farmers protesting across Europe.

For months farmers have been protesting over regulations and conditions.

French farmer’s say that they are not being paid enough and are drowning in what tney deem excessive regulation on environmental protection.

The protests in the EU country have involved partly blocked access to Toulouse airport in southwestern France and also motorways near Paris.

It follows similar action in other European countries.

The IFA says their demonstrations, are set to begin at around 7pm this evening, and will involve farmers and their machinery taking action on public roads.

However it is not clear if they will block roads or how long the demonstrations will last.

The newly elected IFA President Francie Gorman, who says that Irish farmers are every bit as frustrated as their counterparts in Europe.