Increased Presentations At The Emergency Department Of Tipperary University Hospital

South Tipperary General Hospital.
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The Emergency Department (ED) at Tipperary University Hospital (TippUH) is currently experiencing increased presentations which has increased the waiting time to be seen and the demand for inpatient beds. There has also been a rise in those who require complex care.

Management at the hospital is asking members of the public to only attend in the case of a genuine emergency, advising that, where possible, a GP or Caredoc out of hours service be consulted in the first instance. Tipperary University Hospital is asking people to think about all their care and treatment options to try to keep the ED services for the patients who need them most.

However, if members of the public are seriously injured or ill or are worried that your life is at risk, the ED will assess and treat you as a priority.

Staff and management are working to prioritise the discharge of patients as soon as possible where appropriate.