Rural Independent Group of TDs Share Concerns Over The Upcoming Dual Referendums

Mattie McGrath TD. Photo: Gareth Chaney Collins

The Rural Independent Group of TDs has raised serious concerns regarding the government’s handling of the upcoming dual referendums on March 8th. The Dáil Group emphasise potential undemocratic practices and the lack of clarity surrounding the proposed constitutional changes, which they believe will undermine the role of the family, carers, and women in Irish society.

Deputy Mattie McGrath is accusing the Government of rushing legislation through the Dáil and says “diluting the definition of ‘family’ is an empty, cynical, and costly exercise that fails to address the real issues facing families, women, and caregivers in Ireland.”

Deputy McGrath also questions the government motivations for the Referendums accusing the Government  of being “more concerned  with  immigration and family reunification instead of addressing the  challenges of affordable housing, high childcare costs, domestic violence, and discrimination against disabled individuals.” 

The Independent Electoral Commission has published an information booklet about the Referendums which is available at this link here