Anomalies Found During Land Investigation In Roscrea Mother And Baby Home


We Are Still Here, Sean Ross Abbey Group in Roscrea has confirmed that all scans of a portion of land at Sean Ross Abbey to investigate if burials took place there have been completed and the report has been received. The scans identified that there are some anomalies in the area examined and the findings have now been sent to the Department of Children, Youth, Equality, Disability and Integration.   Precision Utility Management, Limerick, carried out the scans in October 2023.

The Commission of Investigation into Mother and Babies homes says the total number of infant deaths having occurred at Sean Ross Abbey in Roscrea was 1,078.  It is not considered feasible that all burials occurred in the relatively confined space of the Angels’ Plot at the former Home. 

The Sean Ross Abbey Group sought funds to examine an area of land adjacent to the Angels’ Plot which was not examined by the Commission as it was under separate ownership when the commission was examining the area. The new owner of the property, Tony Donlan, facilitated access to the land and the Department funded the scans after lobbying by Tipperary TD Martin Browne.   

The Sean Ross Abbey group say they will wait on a response from the Department before deciding on the next course of action.