Local Public Reps Informed Racket Hall Will Accommodate Families Only


Tipperary public representatives have been informed that Rackett Hall Hotel in Roscrea will only be used to provide accommodation for international protection applicant families, owing to an acute need for accommodation for this category of asylum seekers.

The Department of Integration says there is no plan to change the use of Racket Hall beyond this cohort.

17 asylum seekers comprising women and children were escorted into the former hotel on Monday in the face of protests at the entrance area.

The Department of Integration says for now “operationally, the Department has no plans to move additional families into Racket Hall until next week at the earliest.

At that time an assessment will be made based on operational need and, if required, additional families will then move into Racket Hall.”

Protesters remain at the Hotel entrance today and a protest march has been arranged for Roscrea tomorrow.

This week the Government agreed to examine the possibility of the state funding the purchase of a vacant hotel in the town centre for public use as the entire Rackett Hall Hotel is to be used for asylum seeker accommodation.