US Chat Host Visits Galbally Searching His Family Roots


The community of Galbally entertained US Chat Show host Conan O’Brien yesterday. Mr O’Brien is currently filming a new TV Travel show titled “Conan O’Brien Must Go”.

Mr O’Brien has traced his paternal roots to Galbally and was delighted to visit the home in Lissard, in which his great grandfather lived before emigrating to America in the 1870s.

It is understood that Mr O’Brien travelled by coach with his film crew and arrived in Galbally shortly after 2pm.

After filming the crew retired to Frasers public house for refreshments.

Mr O’Brien, who has red hair has always celebrated his Irish roots.

He arrived into Dublin, and has since visited the Cashel Palace Hotel where Mr O’Brien was presented with a family tree compiled by an expert genealogist and visited Galway before exploring Galbally on this trip to Ireland.

Mr O’Brien was welcomed to Galbally by local man Jim Fitzgerald.