Regional Executive Officer Of New HSE Mid West Health Region Appointed


A Regional Executive Officer of the new HSE Mid West health region will begin their work next week.
Chief Executive of the HSE Mr Bernard Gloster has appointed Ms Sandra Broderick to take up the new role.

Ms Broderick emerged as the preferred candidate for the MidWest in the recent recruitment process to fill the six regional leadership posts.

She will assume responsibility for UL Hospitals, HSE Mid-West Community Healthcare and Mid-West Public Health.

The other five successful candidates will be announced shortly.

The REOs are to assume responsibility for their new roles from March 1st, however, the CEO has decided to proceed earlier in the Mid West region.

Ms Sandra Broderick is currently the HSE’s Assistant National Director responsible for services for older people.

The Hospital Group CEO, the Community Health Organisation’s Chief Officer and the Director of Public Health will report directly to her, and she will report directly to the HSE’s CEO.