Deputy Kelly Questions Accuracy of Garda Recruit Numbers


Tipperary TD Alan Kelly is questioning the accuracy of numbers of Garda recruits attending the Garda College in Templemore.  During an Oireachtas Justice Committee hearing with the Garda Commissioner Drew Harris the TD pressed the Commissioner for accurate intake figures for 2023. After consulting with members of the Garda delegation the Commissioner confirmed that 633 recruits had begun training this year based on intakes in February, May, July and October.  It is planned to have a further group begin training on December 27th.

Deputy Kelly says the Taoiseach’s claim that 700 – 800 trainees had entered Templemore is wrong and wants the Taoiseach to correct the Dáil Record as regards the 2023 intake figure.

Garda management are to bring forward the Attestation Ceremony for the current intake of Garda recruits in Templemore to December 15th and then assign the Probationer Gardaí to active duty until January 14th 2024. The 151 probationer Gardaí are to return to the Garda College in Templemore for 10 days in mid-January to complete specialised training and their final exams