Central Statistics Office Publish Report On Water Consumption Recorded On Domestic Meters


The Central Statistics Office(CSO) today published a report on water consumption as recorded on domestic meters. Nationally the average litre per day consumption last year was 357 litres, for county Tipperary the figure was higher at 391 litres per day.  The Median litre per day consumption in Tipperary was 257 litres, slightly lower than the national figure of 261 litres. The CSO says Median consumption reflects typical levels of consumption more than average consumption as the median is less affected by meters with very high levels of water consumption due to leaks. Overall water consumption is down in 2022 on average by 5% compared to 2021.

The CSO data shows that 10% of metered households account for 35% of total domestic metered public water consumption. County Wexford recorded the lowest monthly consumption at 305 litres per day –  county Longford has the highest at 424 litres.

The CSO receives actual meter readings from Uisce Éireann (formerly Irish Water) for households that are connected to the metered public water supply. The CSO converts the meter readings to monthly figures by calculating the daily consumption between two meter readings. The figures include water leaks on the household side of the meter. There were 783,606 metres on the public water supply network in 2022.