Thurles Man Shares His Diagnosis Experience Ahead Of International Brain Tumour Awareness Week


Thurles man is sharing his experience of being diagnosed with a brain tumour ahead of International Brain Tumour Awareness Week.

Joe Ryan is encouraging people to seek support and to attend a webinar being organised by Brain Tumour Ireland.

The event is called “Brain Wise: Living Well with a Brain Tumour” and takes place on October 31st – people will be able to register at

Mr Ryan say one of his first symptoms was when his hand began to lock during secondary school with his writing getting progressively worse.

He was eventually diagnosed in 2006 after his new physio advised him that it was not a rugby injury but rather something neurological.

The Thurles native says the diagnosed did change his life but is advising people not to don’t keep things bottled up inside but chat to friends and family.

International Brain Tumour Awareness Week takes place from October 28 to November 4.