IDA Ireland Update Tipp Councillors On Foreign Direct Investment

IDA Ireland updated Tipperary Councillors on their work in respect of bringing Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) to County Tipperary at this week’s council meeting.
The State agency reports that it presently supports 15 client companies in the county employing 4,568 staff.
These companies in turn indirectly support a further 3,654 jobs. The county has a strong profile in the lifesciences sector and a developing portfolio of financial services company with Fiserv in Nenagh and Waystone in Cashel.
Several Councillors were sharply critical of the performance of the IDA saying there were empty sites or in some cases no IDA development property available in many Tipperary towns – with Councillor Michael Smith suggesting that Tipperary give up expecting success with the IDA.
The IDA defended their performance saying the investors led the site selection process and their criteria tended to include number of factors such as: a critical mass of population, an ability to attract, retain and develop talent, suitable available property, educational infrastructure, regional infrastructure and place making including social and cultural capital, existence of clusters of capability, financial supports, stability and ease of doing business locally and sustainability solutions – sources of green energy.
IDA Ireland also pointed to successful expansion of companies such as FRS and the potential for development at Lisheen Bio Economy Park and the work of the Local Enterprise Office in Tipperary in supporting 398 jobs.