MACRA Calls for Clarity on Government Policy

Pic: Macra na Feirme/Facebook.

Macra na Feirme has called on the Government to provide clarity on government policy.

The organisation – which represents young people under 35 living and farming in rural Ireland – have said that government ministers are giving conflicting opinions as to the future of farming in Ireland.

Macra says this is causing uncertainty for young people looking to get into the farming sector.

Macra president, Tipperary man John Keane is calling for the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine once again to define clear targets for the number of young farmers under 35 actively farming by 2027.

Mr Keane is also calling on the government to set targets for the total numbers of farmers actively farming by 2027.

This is something that Macra sought, without success, to have included in Ireland’s CAP Strategic Plan for 2023-2027.