Lowry Speaks of Revenue Raid


North Tipperary Independent TD Michael Lowry claims that nothing of any significance was taken by the Revenue Commissioners during a raid on his home in Holycross on Tuesday.

Speaking to Tipperary Mid West Radio today, the North Tipperary TD described the raid as ‘imposing’ and 'intimidating'.

He said he was not home when officials arrived, but that a neighbour who was there to let an engineer into the house saw people surrounding the house and then heard people coming in the back door.  She initially thought they were burglars.

When asked whether Revenue gave him any reasons for the search, he said they did not, adding that that since the findings of the Moriarty Tribunal were published, he and his company had answered all questions from Revenue.  He further said that he and his company are both in possession of tax clearance certificates.

However, he theorised that Revenue may have responded after being contacted by elements of the media who have in recent times reported on business dealings he was allegedly involved in.

He said Revenue displayed a show of 'force' which he said was designed to 'pressurise and intimidate me'.

He claimed that nothing of significance was taken from his home, adding that it was not for him to confirm or deny whether another business premises in Dublin was also paid a visit by Revenue at the time.  He said he could only speak on his own behalf and that Tuesday's raid was the only one that took place at any of his premises.

Deputy Lowry also confirmed that his legal representatives are contacting the Revenue Commissioners claiming that Mr Lowry’s privacy was breached.  He maintains Revenue alerted members of the media to the raid.