Motion Denied To Use Funding For A Footpath From Dundrum House Hotel To Dundrum Village


Tipperary Councillors considered a motion from Cllr Roger Kennedy today calling for an application to be made for funding under the International Integration Fund to install a footpath from Dundrum House Hotel to Dundrum village to prevent a possible fatality. The Hotel is accommodating over 300 refugees from Ukraine. In addition, the footpath would be useful for local people and visitors to the hotel and the need had been identified prior to the arrival of any refugees.  

Tipperary County Council executive responded that the fund cannot be used for such a purpose. Cllrs Roger Kennedy, Mary Hanna Hourigan, John Crosse and Declan Burgess all expressed concerns about the problem of people walking on the roadway as there is no footpath. Tipperary Roads Section says the project would be approximately 1km in length and says it is a significant project. Cllr Kennedy suggested the installation  of a hard core surface would be an improvement as there have been reports of near misses with pedestrians slipping from the embankment at some points when they step off the road when vehicles are passing.  Some of the pedestrians are not wearing Hi Vis jackets which puts them at risk of injury. 

Roads engineer James Swords says the council housing and roads section have tried to secure funds for the works and was surprised that an application for Active Travel funds for the work was refused by the Department. The council policy is not to provide footpaths outside town or village limits and Mr Swords says this work cannot be done unless funding is sourced.