Local Rescue Team Assist In Finding Campers In Galtees


Photos by SEMRA P.R.O. and Paul Carroll

A multi-agency responded to a distress call from Glengarra Woods in the Galtee Mountains last night.

It follows a request by Gardai for help after the family of missing campers became concerned when they failed to show up at their designated pickup point after a long wait.

South Eastern Mountain Rescue Association received the call just after 8pm within 30 minutes the first team had already begun scouring the tracks in the woods and the Galtee Mountain Lodge, following a thorough discussion with the family and the Gardai on site.

Earlier in the day, other campers had joined forces with the family to search the lower areas of the woods.

As more SEMRA members joined the search, a command centre was established at the Glengarra Woods carpark to coordinate efforts.

The Search and Rescue Dog Association dog handlers were called in to assist with the search.

Despite heavy rain earlier in the afternoon and an impending weather warning, the weather remained dry.

At approximately 10:45pm, a SEMRA member stumbled upon evidence of camping in an area they were combing.

Shortly after, dog handler Helen, accompanied by search dog Rosie and other SEMRA members, made a breakthrough and discovered one of the missing campers.

After conducting a brief medical assessment, the campers were instructed to pack up their belongings, enabling them to be safely escorted down the hill to their anxiously awaiting family and friends.

The campers were transported back to the carpark in a team vehicle.

By midnight, all SEMRA members had safely descended from the hill and were heading home.