Deputy Kelly Meets Minister O Gorman Regarding Roscrea


Deputy Alan Kelly met with Minister Roderic O’Gorman yesterday regarding issues around asylum seekers in Roscrea.

Deputy Kelly says  criteria need to be in place before a decision is made to remove a community facility like the Racket Hall hotel in Roscrea from use by the local community.

The Nenagh Based TD also raised the future needs of Roscrea across a range of areas.

Deputy Kelly wants the Government to look at the proportionality of where they are choosing to locate asylum seekers and refugees.

In Roscrea there is a total population of approximately 5,500 people – Deputy Kelly says to deliver a 15% population increase in a short space of time is inappropriate.

The former leader of the Labour Party questions why vacant buildings in Dublin such as Baggot Street Hospital are not used for accommodation purposes.

Deputy Kelly says he supports the concept of reopening Grants hotel in Roscrea but describes it as an example of a policy made up on the hoof at great expense to taxpayers after closing the existing operational hotel.