Council Held Plenary Meeting In Clonmel Today


Tipperary County Council held a plenary meeting today in Clonmel.

The meeting was delayed and disrupted by technical issues with the audio system impacting communication between those attending and those participating online.

The meeting heard today that Tipperary Council delivered 161 new social homes in 2023, 163 will be delivered in 2024 and 437 social homes will be delivered in 2025.

Over 3000 people are on the approved housing list across the county.

The meeting also confirmed details of a new social housing development in Roscrea.

A total of 47 new social housing units including twelve 1-Bed apartments, three 1-Bed single storey houses, two 2-Bed single storey houses, nine 2-Bed two storey houses, two 3-Bed single storey houses, thirteen 3-Bed two storey houses, and six 4-Bed two storey houses.

The houses are to be delivered at Radharc Na Carraige, Templemore Road, Roscrea.