TD Jackie Cahill Calls For Cull On Mink To Control Wild Population


Fianna Fáil TD Jackie Cahill has called for a cull on mink in a bid to control the wild population of the animal.    The Tipperary TD has urged the Government to reallocate some of the funds granted for the protection of nesting birds to allow for the mink cull.  

€25 million has been allocated to a project for breeding waders and an additional €5 million is being made available for National Parks and Wildlife Services (NPWS) to implement strategic conservation measures.   

Deputy Cahill says “Mink are a major threat to ground nesting birds. As they are an invasive species with no natural predator, a nationwide cull is necessary. 

“A cull of these animals is the only way to protect ground nesting birds. It essential for the protection of biodiversity and increasing the populations of breeding waders in rural areas.”  

Deputy Cahill is calling on Government Ministers Pippa Hackett(Agriculture) and Malcom Noonan(Heritage) to consider re-allocating some of the €25 million funding for breeding waders to the cull of mink.

Deputy Cahill has previously called for a bounty on mink tail of €20 to be funded by the NPWS and to be carried out by conservation and angling clubs nationwide.