Byrnes Family Make County Proud After Competing In Ireland’s Fittest Family Final


The Byrnes from Tipperary who reached the Grand Final of Ireland’s Fittest Family were the first family to exit the final through the eliminator.

The first challenge for the final four families was the The Big Liffey Race.

The Byrnes family came in third while the Bonnar’s from Waterford with strong Cashel finished fourth.

The second challenge was the classic Back Against the Wall, with the Byrnes securing a total time of 35 minutes and 55 seconds – a special mention to Tommy who made up almost half of the time (17m 02s).

However it wouldn’t be enough to avoid the eliminator, with the Byrnes up against the Bonnars.

The eliminator was a head to head which involved moving over 20 sandbags (10kgs in weight) over heights and lifting them up on cargos. It wasn’t meant for Byrnes who bowed out of the competition.

The Bonnars who won the eliminator ultimately left the competition after competing in Hanging tough – they were just over 30 seconds off being in the final two.

The final two families Murphys and Stratfords battled it out with the Stratfords from Co. Cavan claiming the title of Ireland’s Fittest Family and winning 15,000 euro prize money.

Well done to the Byrnes of Tipperary and Bonnars with strong Cashel connections who did the county proud.