Deputy Cahill Calls For Urgent Action To Tackle Loose Horses On Public Roads


Tipperary TD Jackie Cahill  is calling for urgent action to be taken to tackle the dangers that loose, unidentified horses are posing to road users around the country.

The call comes following a serious road accident near Littleton involving a loose horse. It is understood that a motorist was hospitalised after hitting a horse that was loose on the road.

The TD says there are hundreds of horses roaming around the Bord na Móna bogs in Littleton and is now demanding action from Tipperary County Council while accepting that there are significant resource issues in relation to dealing with the number of horses involved.

Deputy Cahill is also expressing doubt if the horse owners complied with legislation which creates an obligation for all horses to be microchipped.

The TD is now seeking clarity from An Garda Síochána on whether the horse involved in today’s accident was microchipped and is also writing to the Minister for Agriculture asking what measures are being taken to ensure that free roaming horses are controlled and identified nationwide.  

As Chairperson of the Oireachtas Agriculture Committee, Deputy Cahill also intends to invite officials from the Department of Agriculture to appear before the committee to answer questions on how they intend to control compliance in this area and uphold the welfare of all horses.