Co. Tipp Chamber Reveals Survey Results On Lack Of Housing Impact


Tipperary County Chamber of Commerce is making specific requests of Tipperary County Council and the Department of Housing in respect of housing policy following  the completion  of a survey of housing needs in the Clonmel area.

The Chamber Group intends to examine housing needs across the other 4 Districts in the county as it is concerned that the shortage of housing is impacted on the operation of businesses.

Overall, the survey now completed for the Clonmel area  highlights the importance of housing availability, affordability, and quality in Clonmel.

It also emphasizes the role of commuting patterns in the area’s workforce dynamics.

According the survey findings initiatives to enhance transportation options and promote sustainable commuting methods may also play a crucial role in improving the quality of life for residents in Clonmel.

One of the significant findings from the survey was that 88 respondents expressed their willingness to move to Clonmel if suitable accommodation was available.

This demonstrates a demand that is 10-20 times higher than the current availability of rented accommodation. In fact, according to Daft, there are currently zero rentals available in Clonmel at the time of the survey analysis.

The survey revealed a higher demand for family home rentals than anticipated. While the focus has primarily been on single rentals impacting employers, there is an additional need for family housing to ensure that employers will have an adequate local workforce according to the Chamber.