Businesses Encouraged To Take Up New Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) Food Waste Charter


Tipperary businesses in the food sector are being encouraged to adopt a new Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) Food Waste Charter to reduce food waste. One third of all food produced for human consumption is wasted generating up to 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions.  EPA figures show that almost two thirds of food waste comes from businesses. The EPA is advising business that reducing food waste can increase profits and also reduce carbon emissions

The Food Waste Charter promotes a collective commitment to measure, reduce and report food waste along the food supply chain.   EPA figures show that over 480,000 tonnes of food waste in Ireland in 2021 came from food and drink businesses; including processing and manufacturing, retail, and restaurants and food services. This is almost two thirds of all food waste generated in 2021.

To help businesses to reduce their waste the EPA is hosting a free Forum on Food Waste on 9 November.  Full details of the half day online event can be found at the website