Cllr Moloney Calls On Coillte & Council To Resolve Flooding Issue In Cahir Area


Cllr Andy Moloney is calling on Coillte and council engineers to engage to resolve issues regarding flooding in the Cahir area following near misses after recent heavy rainfall. 

At the October monthly meeting of Tipperary Cahir Cashel District Council , the Independent councillor highlighted a  lack of action on clearing of grids and rivers from the Galtees and especially the lack of action from Coillte since the last flood at Tincurry.

The councillor says flooding on the M8 is likely if action is not taken and that the works required would take no longer than a day to ensure flooding did not arise in the event of heavy rainfall.

Cllr Moloney says residents are concerned and want Tipperary Council to act in time to prevent flooding on the Reeska Road and in the Tincurry area.

The local Roads engineer James Swords committed to engage directly with Coillte and work for a speedy resolution.