Payment Dates For Energy Credits & Extra Welfare Payments Expected To Be Agreed Upon Today

The Government is today expected to agree the payment dates for energy credits and extra welfare payments announced in the Budget.
Every household is to automatically get a €150 credit on its electricity bill on  December 1st and again on both January 1st  and March 1st  next year.
Lump sum welfare payments will start to be paid on the week beginning Monday November 20th.  These will include the €400 Working Family Payment, the €400 Disability Support Grant and the €300 Fuel Allowance top up.
On the week of November 27th, the €400 Carer’s Support Grant, the €200 support for people on the Living Alone Allowance and a €100 Qualified Child Benefit will be paid.
On the week commencing December 4th there will be a 100% Christmas Bonus for pensioners, carers, people with disabilities and other persons on social welfare payments.
The Double Child Benefit payment of €280 per child will also be paid in the week of December 4th.
After Christmas in the week of January 29th  there will be a double payment for pensioners and those who receive weekly welfare payments, this is intended as a support towards the increases in the cost of living.