Water Outage In Tipp Town Likely To Continue Into Sunday Morning


Due to an issue at the Cordangan water treatment plant large parts of Tipperary town and surrounding areas are without water as of early afternoon on Saturday October 14th.

Uisce Eireann says the outage is likely to continue until Sunday morning as repairs are not expected to be completed until 8am on Sunday morning.

Uisce Eireann says customers should allow a further 2 – 3 hours after the expected repair completion time for supply to fully return.

The outage has caused huge disruption in the town especially to cafes and restaurants and hair dressing salons. In addition, nursing homes are faced with an extended period of time without water making their work more challenging.

The Saturday night entertainment locations including venues hosting rugby viewing events – Ireland v New Zealand at 8pm, are also likely to face challenges in continuing service.

Households and families are also faced with the challenge of managing with no water for cooking, cleaning, toilets, bathing or laundry. The outage may also result in some farmers being left without water for livestock.

Uisce Eireann can be contacted by calling 1800 278 278 – the customer care team operate 24 hours every day and will also post updates on the website water.ie.  The reference number for this outage is TIP00069247.