New COVID-19 measures announced


As announced by the Government last night, the following are the Government’s new guidelines in relation to Covid-19 suppression:

  1. All businesses to continue to facilitate remote working where possible.
  2. All visits to home will be limited to six people from outside the home, and from no more than three households, indoors or outdoors, and outdoor gatherings will be limited to 15 people.
  3. Restaurants and cafes including pubs operating as restaurants can remain open but with mandatory restrictions on closing times of 11.30 pm.
  4. Sports events and matches will revert to behind closed doors with strict avoidance of social gatherings before and after events, with indoor and outdoor training to adhere to the 6/15 rule regarding limits on indoor and outdoor activities.
  5. Public transport should be avoided where possible; in the context of private transport, the wearing of face masks is advised where households are mixed.
  6. State bodies with responsibility for monitoring inspection and compliance will intensify activities, and Departments of Health and Justice to consider new legislation to give additional powers to the Garda and agencies to enforce public health measures.
  7. Over-70s will be asked to exercise individual judgment, to limit interactions to a small network for short periods, to avoid public transport where possible, and shop during designated hours.

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