15 Submissions Lodged Regarding Proposed Limerick Junction Walkway As Closing Date Approaches


As the closing date for submissions on the proposed Walkway between The Sologhead Memorial and Limerick Junction and the N24 at Tipperary Racecourse approaches 15 submissions have been lodged with the Council to date. The vast majority of the submissions are opposed to the proposed route with a section of the walkway planned for behind the houses situated between the Train Station and the N24 being strongly opposed.

The project is being put forward by the Revitalisation Task force and the County Council in collaboration with Tipperary Racecourse and Tipperary Co-Op. Submissions must be made by July 12th – full details of the project and submissions to date can be found on the council website at www.tipperarycoco.ie under the consultations tab at this link here.

Many residents in Limerick Junction are dissatisfied at the lack of prior consultation before the planning application was submitted and want the route altered to remove the section planned for behind the houses and suggest the existing footpath between the train station and the N24 be used as an alternative.