Issues Surrounding Log Cabin Planning Permissions Raised In Council Plenary Meeting


The issue of log cabins getting planning permission in County Tipperary was raised by Cllr David Dunne at Monday’s plenary meeting of Tipperary County Council. In some cases, in county Tipperary log cabin type houses have secured planning permission while others have not. Cllr Dunne’s proposal was that the council find a way to give permission for such structures, on a temporary basis if necessary, due to the housing crisis. He is also seeking a working group to devise an updated policy for Tipperary County Council and central government if necessary. Ryan O’Meara, Cloughjordan, the youngest councillor in Tipperary says such homes are a viable option for people living in rural Tipperary and will help to sustain the local population. Cllr John Crosse called for a 12-month amnesty and a pause in enforcement proceedings while Cllr Mairin McGrath also supported an update on policy and guidelines for such accommodation.

The matter is causing public frustration as the Government implemented temporary exemptions from planning for modular homes for accommodation for refugees and asylum seekers at taxpayers’ expense and the ongoing fear of enforcement proceedings. The Council’s planning official Anne Marie Devaney informed the meeting that Tipperary County Council has no policy that bans log cabins. Ms Devaney says applications for planning permission must comply with the Rural Housing Policy, demonstrate a social and economic need to live in the area and meet all site suitability standards.  The Council does not go looking for unauthorised development according to Ms Devaney but must act on complaints made and will try to work with the occupant to bring the home into compliance.