Farmers Advised To Do Fodder Budget Based On Teagasc June Fodder Survey


Farmers  are advised to do a fodder budget and take action to secure fodder stocks based on the Teagasc June Fodder Survey. The Survey revealed that fodder stocks after the first cut stand at 60% of requirements for dairy farms and 64% for dry stock farms, against target levels of 70% and 77%, respectively for this stage of the year. Approximately 25-30% of farms in both sectors report significant deficits exceeding 10% which might possibly be addressed by second and third cuts, sourcing additional fodder through renting grassland and/or sourcing forage crops.

The National Fodder and Food Security Committee (NFFSC) met yesterday on the Request of Tipperary TD Jackie Cahill due to the concerns about adequate fodder supplies for the upcoming Winter and into Spring 2025. The committee met to discuss the current situation and outlook for tillage crops and grassland and to hear the latest estimate of fodder reserves across Ireland ahead of the coming winter period.

Straw yields are expected to be better this year than in 2023 however livestock farmers are advised to book straw supplies early with tillage farmers to secure supply in good time. Grass growth has reduced by approximately 10% so far in 2024 due to the weather but has improved in recent weeks. Farmers are urged to contact their Teagasc or private advisor to complete a nutrient management plan to optimize fertilizer use.