Criticisms Raised Regarding The Existing National Ambulance Service Systems


Tipperary TD Michael Lowry says the National Ambulance Service(NAS) is  poorly managed and co-ordinated and not cost effective. The TD wants a return to the Regional hubs system instead of the Centralized call out system. The existing system is also pushing crews to their limit with many staff  disillusioned and angry that  there is an inability or an unwillingness to fix the system failures taking place according to the TD.

Deputy Lowry notes that while a review was completed into management structures of the Service the findings were kept under wraps but details obtained via a freedom of information request reveals the report was deemed to be ‘scathing in its criticism” of the NAS.   Staffing issues and working conditions are unacceptable according to Deputy Lowry. The Regional Independent TD is calling for the complete findings of the review to be made public and wants an assurance from the Government that failings identified be addressed immediately with serious consideration to be given to using a regional structure to manage ambulance call outs.

The National Ambulance Service operates from over 100 locations throughout Ireland with  over 1600 staff employed.