Scam Warning Issued About Bogus Tradespeople In The West Tipperary Area


A warning has been issued about bogus tradespeople in the West Tipperary area.
The scam artists are visiting properties and offering tarmac and stone which they claim is left over from a job. They offer to give the material to the property owner but will then charge for labour. One person, living near Cashel, approached by the men says they wanted €1,500 in labour costs.

Cllr Liam Browne is also warning people about the scam saying the people offering the “cut price tarmac work”, have become physically threatening when challenged by the property owner. Cllr Browne says the men are driving a silver pick up with road signs in the back. Gardaí have been notified and Cllr Browne suggests letting elderly or vulnerable neighbours know about the scam. Cllr Browne says “They really seemed genuine at the start, but if it happened to an older vulnerable person they wouldn’t sleep a wink. It’s happened in the Rosegreen area, but it could be in different areas as well”.

Homeowners are advised to collect a sheet of cards marked “Bogus Caller Cards” from their local Garda Station. Garda recommend to ask any callers seeking to work on your property to complete the card and to inform them that if you need to use their services you will be in touch. The card has the Garda logo on the reverse and is intended to empower the homeowner to say “No Thanks.”