Government Accused Of Lack Of Transparency Surrounding EU Migration Pact By Tipperary TD


Tipperary TD Mattie McGrath is accusing the Government of a lack of transparency in it’s approach to the EU Migration Pact.

The Government is to bring the vote on the pact to the Dáil on Tuesday. Deputy McGrath is critical of the time allocated for the Dáil debate and that the debate is being held after the Local and European elections as the Dáil Justice Committee concluded its deliberations on the EU Migration and Asylum Pact over a month ago.

Deputy McGrath says a 5 hour debate is not adequate nor is the Government proposal to only have one vote rather than a vote on each of the 7 regulations Ireland is accepting.

Under the provisions of the EU Pact it will either impose an increasing number of asylum seekers on Ireland each year or compel taxpayers to pay an annual fee of €20,000 for each person denied entry. Deputy McGrath also highlights that

joining this Pact could impose a substantial economic and social burden on Ireland, straining public services and local amenities, including housing and medical services.