Local Sinn Fein Reps Offer Solidarity To Council Water Service Workers

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Local Sinn Féin Public representatives  Martin Browne TD and  Councillors Tony Black and David Dunne are offering their solidarity to local authority water services workers across Tipperary and across the country.

SIPTU represents the staff who are due to begin industrial action on June 7th and 8th.

The dispute relates to the terms and conditions for staff working in local authority water services making the decision to remain with Tipperary county council and opting to not become employees of Uisce Eireann.

The new State Utility established on January 1st this year is to have complete control of all water services and be the direct employer of all water services workers by 2026.

The Sinn Fein reps say they fully support the water services workers in seeking to protect their incomes.

The Local Government Management body has not given sufficient confirmation that if staff opt to remain as a council employee that their income will not reduce.

Sinn Fein is also continuing to demand that constitutional protection of the public

ownership of the water system be put in place to protect against any future threat of privatisation of water services,