Deputy Lowry Raises Concerns For Animal Welfare

Deputy Michael Lowry

Tipperary TD Michael Lowry is expressing concern for animal welfare especially dogs in Ireland. The TD says Dog Shelters in every county in Ireland report that they are severely overcrowded with dogs that have been surrendered, abandoned or rescued – all too often from horrific neglect or cruelty.

The shelters are forced to appeal to the public for funds to aid with veterinary bills. Deputy Lowry also noted that Dog Rescues are run on a day to day basis by animal-loving volunteers. Expressing concern for the future, Deputy Lowry says the impact of the cost of living crisis is also impacting Rescues in several different ways – lack of donations, increased demand for services, more and more dog owners finding it impossible to afford to keep their pets or provide proper and timely care for their animals. Similarly, less people are adopting dogs as their household budget cannot stretch to caring for them.

Referring to the Report last week from the Joint Committee on Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Deputy Lowry says that it highlights the need for better regulation of the sector as regards what he terms the “sadistic practices of ear-cropping” and the provision of canine fertility services by non-veterinary practitioners.