Council Approves Tipp Hills Enhancement Plans


Planning approval has been granted by Tipperary Cahir Cashel Municipal District Council in respect of Enhancement Plans for the Tipperary Hills.

Today’s meeting accepted the planners report which recommended approval with minimal changes to be accommodated in the three conditions attached to the approval.

The conditions relate to firstly the monitoring of the works from an Archaeological perspective under licence from the National Monuments Service or under Ministerial consent – this is yet to be decided in conjunction with the National Monuments Service. All work to the Motte (resurfacing and widening of paths) is to be archaeologically monitored as well as all works in the vicinity of the St John’s Famine Graveyard – these relate to the access lane, the kickabout area and the Dog Park – to be situated to the South of the Motte and 410 sq metres in size.

Rubbish bins are to be provided at the exit and entry points to the site with a muff mitt bin to be located at the Dog Park. The third condition is that landscaping will be provided on the outside of the fence to the dog park and seating is to be provided within the dog park. (one seat)

Eighteen submissions were made to the Council in respect of the project. The planners report notes that the footpath between Clanwilliam Rugby Club and the Handball Alley will be a self-binding gravel footpath. The current project does not include any work on the Orchard Wall but says this could be undertaken in collaboration with Tipperary Tidy Towns in the future via a dry stonewall training course. New fencing for Clanwilliam Rugby Club will not be provided in the project but the existing fencing will be reviewed during construction and upgraded where required for security purposes.

A new Peace Walk to be created in the park will feature 36 new Plaques cast in bronze/aluminium depending on budget and will be 30cm by 30cm in size. The walk is intended to allow for visitors to linger and reflect over the names and good deeds that have been accomplished. The plaques at Rosanna Road will not be relocated.

No work is to be undertaken in respect of the HandBall Alley as the council says the Funding Stream for the Project (Town and Village Renewal) cannot be used on sports related infrastructure. Toilets are also not included in the approved design. A defibrillator is not included in the current project but the council suggests one could be installed by a community Group such as the members of the Pitch and Putt Club or the Rugby Club. Full details of the project can be found on the council website at this link here.