Archeological Survey Planned For Site Of Tipperary Workhouse

Photo Credit: Catherine Fogarty TMWR

Tipperary Cahir Cashel Municipal District Council is to carry out an in depth survey of the grounds at the old Tipperary Workhouse on Station Road. Based on historical records the council is confident that no burials took place at the site and that instead St John’s Famine Graveyard was developed for this purpose. The council is currently trying to establish if the HSE have any records of burials at the site.  If physical scans and surveys of the site are deemed necessary the council says they will be undertaken prior to any excavation works, should they be deemed necessary.

The recent removal of vegetation from the site is to enable the surveys and to inform decision making as to the future use of the facility and grounds. No decision has been finalised at this point according to a statement from the Tipperary Cahir Cashel MD Council. The site has been vacant since plans to convert the complex into hostel accommodation for tourists ended in turmoil in 2010.