Deputy McGrath Hits Out On Plans To Restore Excise Duty

Mattie McGrath TD. Photo: Gareth Chaney Collins

The Rural Independent Group led by Tipperary TD Mattie McGrath has hit out at the Government’s plan to restore excise duties on petrol on diesel in the coming months.

The Group says the changes will add €10 to the cost of a tank of fuel for the average motorist and also unfairly hits those living in rural Ireland. The Finance Bill 2023 to implement the measure announced the Budget was approved by the Dáil leading the group to criticise other rural based TDs for failing to  support their constituents.  In total, this legislation will see an 18 cent per litre increase in diesel and a 23 cents per litre increase in petrol on a phased basis between now and October.   

Deputy McGrath says the green agenda is dominating  and is being done  in an unfair way  that is pushing people to the point of poverty and destroying the rural economy.

The Group is also critical of the reliance on the adoption  of EVs which it says faces a lack of infrastructure and a global shortage of the essential metals to produce EVs. Deputy McGrath says this consensus of a seamless adoption of EVs needs to be challenged and the reality is that petrol, diesel, e-fuels and the internal combustion engine will be required  for many decades until viable alternatives are in place.