Plans To Appoint 75 New Driver Testers With The Road Safety Authority Welcomed By Councillor Declan Burgess

Plans to appoint 75 new driver testers with the Road Safety Authority is being welcomed by Councillor Declan Burgess. The Cashel based councillor says the news is extremely positive for those on waiting lists and that he has been seeking action by Government on the issue for a very long time. The councillor says it will be especially helpful for younger people seeking  to secure their first driver licence.
It is hoped that the new staff will be ready to work by October and will bring the potential total number of testers to over 200. Once the posts are operational the RSA expects that the backlog will be cleared by March 2024.  Demand for driving tests is now at unprecedented levels, applications in 2022 were 28% higher than 2021 levels and 27% up on 2018 pre COVID-19 pandemic levels.