Agriculture Minister Charlie McConalogue To Reconvene National Food and Fodder Security Committee Today


Agriculture Minister Charlie McConalogue is to reconvene the National Food and Fodder security committee today.  The wet weather conditions so far this spring is estimated to have caused increased feed costs to farmers, to have delayed the spring planting on tillage farms and to have delayed the application of fertiliser for first cut silage. The cold weather has also caused a drop in daily milk yields estimated to be up to 2 litres per day.  Livestock farmers estimate that it is costing up to €80M per week in delayed turnout of animals, extra feed and reduced output. The cost of feed including silage has also increased in some regions depending on availability and now ranges from €32 to €55 euro per bale. Sheep farmers are also reporting higher input costs in respect of food and higher mortality in outdoor lambing flocks.