Tipp Senator Faces Backlash Over Comments On Emergency Housing Council Meeting


Three of the five Tipperary Councillors involved have rejected criticism of their action in requesting  an emergency meeting of Tipperary council yesterday to discuss the housing crisis.

Senator Garret Ahearn told the Seanad yesterday that “the five names that requested the meeting  are the names of those who object to housing most frequently.

Senator Ahearn told the Seanad “Having political stunts up here is one thing but imposing them on councillors in all councils around the country is another. It is an utter waste of time.”

Cllr Seamus Morris, Independent, says Senator Ahearn “is a failed politician that is grasping at straws to stay relevant, he is totally out of his depth.

Every Councillor at the meeting was of the opinion that the meeting was well worth it including the executive.

I felt looking at the piece he was trying to be the best boy in the class and failed.”

Cllr David Dunne says the Senator’s comments are false and that he has”never have objected to any housing development or rejected housing  proposals of any kind.”

Cllr Anne Marie Ryan Independent responded that every councillor who attended the emergency housing meeting, (including the Senators own party colleagues) agreed that the information from the housing section and the input from councillors proved valuable in the current housing crisis.

The Independent Cllr continued saying the meeting allowed for an in depth understanding of the housing challenges ahead and afforded councillors the opportunity to work together to suggest mitigating measures.

Cllr Ryan  rejected what she called an “Idiotic Claim” made by the Senator that no one in Tipperary is going to receive any housing from the housing department because all of the staff have to go to discuss the problems with housing and be answerable to the people who are causing the problems.

Cllr Ryan asks if the Senator could identify any housing projects that she had objected to and denied that she has ever made any objections.

Cllr Ryan says what she describes as “the Senator’s incorrect and utterly stupid commentary” just shows how out of touch he is with the workings of Tipperary County Council and of the role of local councillors on the ground in their communities.

Cllr Ryan’s says she looks forward to Senator Garret Ahearn’s apology as well as an apology from Senator Lisa Chamber who accused the five members of ‘hypocrisy” in  calling these special meetings.

Tipp Mid West Radio has also sought a response from Cllr Tony Black, Sinn Fein and Cllr Pat English, Workers United Action Group, the other councillors involved in requesting the meeting.