Local Primary Schools Resume Lessons At Templemore Pool


Swimming classes for children have recommenced at the Garda College in Templemore for students of two local primary schools.

Three primary schools were issued licences on February 1st to use the swimming pool which is technically the property of the Office of Public Works. Students from St. Joseph’s Primary School and St Colmcilles Templemore have commenced swimming classes and Drom NS will have access after Easter.  The groups are limited to a six week programme of classes.

The We Just Want to Swim Group Templemore hope that all schools will be able to avail of the pool from September 2023 to ensure an adequate programme of swimming lessons can be provided next year.

The local community have had a long running campaign to restore school and community access to the pool. Management at the Garda College had failed to support applications for the licenses last Autumn and had indicated that that pool needed to be closed until April due to energy costs. At present there are approximately 200 Garda recruits in training at the facility and the Department of Justice plans to have a further 1000 recruits commence training this year.

Work is ongoing to have a community swimming class at weekends – this had been in operation prior to the pandemic and a new provider is currently setting up a legal structure that complies with conditions set by the Office of Public Works.