Two Tipp TDs Vote To Lift Ban On Eviction


The Dáil has voted to end the ban on evictions as of April 1st.

The Residential tenancies board says over 7,539 notices to quit were issued between January and September 2022 with many falling due in the coming weeks.

83 TDs voted in favour of the Government’s motion put down in response to the Sinn Fein motion calling for the ban to be extended until January 2024. 68 TDs opposed the government. 8 TDs did not vote while Helen McEntee is on maternity leave.

The Government accepted 8 proposals presented by the Regional Independent group including Tipperary TD Michael Lowry which meant it had the support of some of the grouping. Some of the Rural Independents Group supported the Government however – Verona Murphy from Wexford says she could not support the government as changes she is seeking to planning density regulations were not delivered. A call by Aontú leader Peadar Tóibín to keep the evictions ban in place for those with severe illness was defeated following a roll call vote.

On the overall vote Tipperary TDs Michael Lowry and Jackie Cahill voted with the government while Alan Kelly, Mattie McGrath and Martin Browne voted against the Government. Over the coming days the Government may need to make further deals with Independent TDs as the Labour Party is to lodge a motion of No Confidence in the Government for debate next week.

Neasa Hourigan Green Party TD voted against the government and has been expelled from the Green Party for a period of not less than 15 months and is to lose her positions on Oireacthas committees as a consequence.