Excel Centre Appeals For Adults To Observe Applicable Film Ratings


Management at the Excel Centre in Tipperary town is appealing to adults, especially parents, to observe the applicable ratings for films being screened in the local cinema.

An incident last weekend resulted in a staff member feeling harassed and intimidated at the front desk after refusing to sell tickets to a movie rated 18+ to three people that were deemed underage.

One of the young people contacted a parent who came to the cinema and insisted on being sold 4 tickets for the screening according to a post on the Excel social media page.

The post continues to reveal that “this behaviour caused the staff member to feel threatened and afraid and felt they had no choice but to allow them in! “

The Excel post says the majority of customers are very understanding when the policy regarding age ratings is explained. 

The Excel has shared the Irish Film Classification Office rating guidelines on it’s social media and is encouraging parents and guardians to become familiar with the guidelines.  The cinema is legally obliged to ensure the age ratings are complied with for films it screens. Management also posted that the incident is recorded on the CCTV system.