My Open Library Service Commenced In Tipperary Town Library


The My Open Library Service has commenced in Tipperary Town Library. All users who want to avail of the service must first undergo a short induction course and these courses have already started. Once the user completes the course, they can then start using the service at times when the library is not staffed. The library member will be able to gain access to the building using a special key fob and borrow materials.

Several users are already availing of the service in Tipperary Town Library and these numbers are expected to increase over the coming months.

The service has also rolled out in Roscrea and Carrick-on-Suir and it has also restarted in Nenagh. Tipperary Library Service intends to roll the service out in Cashel Library later this year.

Persons wishing to use the service must be eighteen years of age or older.